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Most people will have someone in their lives who behaves like a dragon. An annoying, peevish and horrible person that drives you up the wall! His mere presence makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. How do you deal with that? Do you switch to a strategy of avoidance? But what if this is your boss? Or a colleague you work with a lot? Or one of your most important team members? Or your biggest customer? You can’t avoid the Dragon then! Ignoring doesn’t help either.

In that case, there’s only one solution left: you’ll have to tame the Dragon. And that is what this practical book is about: what you can do if you have an unavoidable Dragon in your area.

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My youngest son goes to a nanny 1 day a week. I have a lot of trouble with her (we alternate this with 3 working parents). Her husband is a darling and she is really sweet to my son but I really can't do anything with her! I find her annoying. I have read the book and it appears to be a huge yellow dragon for me! I started following tips and I notice that I am less and less 'bothered' by her behavior, I now understand why she does what she does .. I even drank tea with her yesterday when I came to pick up my son. The miracles are not over yet! I gave the book to 2 people as a gift under the Christmas tree and they are also enthusiastic. The one has problems with someone at work and the other a terrible mother-in-law! Hahaha My advice is to buy this book, it really makes communication with people a lot easier!


Dealing with dragons gives you insight into your own behavior and the behavior of others. This way you learn to maneuver better in the political arena of business. Dealing with dragons is practically written and can be used immediately for everyone. Read with pleasure and highly recommended!


Just like Jeanne's previous book "Everything is Nothing", "Dealing with Dragons" is also a very pleasant book to read. I also let my wife read the book. He rolled off the couch laughing and shouted "Feast of Recognition" while reading the Yellow Dragon. She just didn't mean this by herself ... :) The book offers the possibility of recognizing the dragon in yourself and in others in different ways. At the same time, the background of these theories is explained in a clear and pleasant way. Absolute must! So buy !!


There are many books about DISC, but from a trainers perspective this is one of the most practical. Very recognizable and with humor. If you not only want to know DISC, but want to be able to use it immediately in practice, you should read this book.


Taming Dragons (your colleague, your boss or maybe your mother-in-law)

Taming Dragons (your colleague, your boss or maybe your mother-in-law)

You are a Dragon too!

Well substantiated with a dose of humor

Many practical tips to influence your Dragon

Easy to read, within a day you can tame Dragons

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jeanne-bakker About the author

Jeanne Bakker (1972) analyses and designs training and educational Programs the way she looks: robust and sharp. Sometimes you have to steal holy cottages to get better. Jeanne is not your typical boring M.A. First, she is born in Amsterdam and thus a fanatic supporter of Football club (or in some parts of the world Soccer club :) Ajax. And she is gifted with the Amsterdam humour. Secondly, she mastered different disciplines including Psychology and the science of Education.



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