Jeanne Bakker (1972) analyses and designs training and educational Programs the way she looks: robust and sharp. Sometimes you have to steal holy cottages to get better. Jeanne is not your typical boring M.A. First, she is born in Amsterdam and thus a fanatic supporter of Football club (or in some parts of the world Soccer club 🙂 Ajax. And she is gifted with the Amsterdam humour. Secondly, she mastered different disciplines including Psychology and the science of Education.

Jeanne has released several books including the bestseller ‘Dealing with Dragons’. She leads and develops international trainings and workshops on Personal Leadership to large groups. In addition, she is trainer with a rare level of energy who designs impactful programs throughout the world and trains Trainers or Participants in Dutch, English and French. Once connected to an organisation, she and her team become fanatics to support them to achieve their desired outcome.